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Hey, I am Aditi Jain!

A social media obsessed girl based in Mumbai, India, working with clients all over the world to make social media a breeze for your business.

My philosophy is simple: social media should be about growth, not adding to your stress levels!


I am here to:

  • Build a freedom-based business where I can choose my hours and clients

  • Help businesses who want to build their life around what they love and not the other way around

A Little Back Story

I completed my bachelor's degree in banking and insurance in 2017. For a while, I tried my luck with bank exams, but no dice. Then I came across a content writing job and began my marketing career.

Following that, I completed a journalism internship and was hired as a marketing executive at an international events company. Oh, man, I loved every second of it! Public relations, content creation, sponsorships, email marketing, social media—you name it, I have done it!

During my time in corporate, I generated nearly USD 60K in revenue. I was even promoted to Sr. Marketing Executive while pursuing my Masters in Management Studies and a Digital Marketing Diploma. Yes, I can multi-task like a pro.

Then COVID struck, and I was laid off. That is when I decided, "Why not start my own thing?" And thus "itisaditijain" was born.


April 2020

Freelance opportunities began to flood in via LinkedIn.

Aug 2020

Started a WordPress site as a portfolio project to get a job.

Oct 2020

Started working as an account manager at a digital marketing agency. Learned a lot about client relations, branding, content calendars, and social media management.

Early 2021

Blog pivot to freelance SMM and content creation while working 14+ hours each day between freelancing and my job.

Late 2021

Changed careers, working as a social media manager at a different agency. Due to office politics, I had to put my mental health first and paused freelancing.

Early 2022

When freelancing took off and I was earning more than I was at my high-paying job, I became frustrated and quit. It was showtime.

Mid 2022

Took the plunge and went full-time as a freelancer, with incredible support from family.

Aug 2022

Officially registered as a sole proprietor, turning my freelance work into a business.


Proudly worked with 50+ awesome clients globally, including YOU!


Some Facts About Me

  • I enjoy travelling, but I am also a huge homebody.

  • I use exclamation marks more than necessary.

  • I am not a fan of dark chocolate or Oreos.

  • If you give me a problem, I will create a 5-step plan for you to follow to solve it.

  • I do not use a lot of emojis when I text.

  • I do not have any hobbies that last more than 10 minutes.


A Few Of My Favourite Things

  • Ice cream over cakes and pasta over pizza.

  • I enjoy butterscotch milkshakes and lemonade.

  • I can eat pani puri at any time and from any location.

  • I will take beaches over mountains any day of the week.

Get To Know Me

Binge Worthy Content

Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, TBBT, and HIMYM

Dream Job In An Alternate Universe

Admin Management or Teacher


Hufflepuff, 3/5 manifesting generator with a Leo sun

Some Non-Negotiables In My Life & Business


There is no compromise on authenticity. I support real connections and relationships by staying true to who I am, who I know, and what I know.


Some things are simply just give and take. I honour both my own and those of others.


Building a solid foundation ensures the long-term growth and success of both my clients and my business.


I take a logical and practical approach to everything. Reason and logic are balanced in creating solutions, which ensure efficiency.


Every expense is a conscious choice. Mindful spending is not just about cutting costs but also about investing strategically.

Why It's Different Here

Personalisation & Customisation

No cookie-cutter approaches here. Each strategy and design is crafted with your brand's personality and goals in mind.

Flexible Adaptation

Business landscapes change. I evolve with them. Expect a nimble approach that adapts strategies to suit the ever-changing market.

Results Driven Strategies

My focus is on outcomes. Your success is my success, and my strategies are meticulously designed to deliver tangible results.

Time Efficient Processes

Your time is valuable and important. My streamlined processes ensure efficiency without compromising quality.

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