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20 Amazing Faceless Reels Ideas To Grow On Instagram

Updated: Apr 12

Do you want to use Instagram Reels but don’t want to show your face? Then check out this article for faceless reel ideas.

Instagram reels are the real deal right now. Instagram Reels have the virality factor; they can help you reach new accounts, get discovered by new audiences, and give your brand and social media the boost they deserve.

Though it is beneficial that you show your face on your brand to give your audience the trust factor that will give your business security and audience recognition, it is also understood that not everyone wants to go in front of their camera and record reels. Some people are camera shy and don’t want to face the camera. I get it.

That’s why I have come up with a solution that can help you create reels on Instagram and also boost your social presence.

Check out these faceless reel ideas right away!

  1. Share a day in your life with the best moments

  2. Share small business apps you use for your business

  3. Share awkward messages you receive in your messages

  4. Share your Pinterest feed

  5. Share how much you spend on your business

  6. Share an Instagram hack you use

  7. Post a reel about what you see vs. what I see

  8. Turn carousels into Reels

  9. Behind-the-scenes preview

  10. Share your workspace

  11. What books are you reading this week?

  12. What People Think vs. Reality

  13. A quick ‘life-hack tutorial

  14. Time-lapse content creation

  15. Share a quick tip

  16. Share a sneak peek

  17. Bust a myth

  18. How do you schedule your week?

  19. Give people the roadmap to success in your industry

  20. Do a motivational or inspirational post

Did you like these faceless reel ideas for Instagram? Let me know in the comments below.



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