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7 Free Tools You Need To Use To Grow On Instagram

Updated: Apr 12

Are you looking for ways to grow on Instagram but don't know which tools to use? Then read this article on 7 free tools you need to grow on Instagram.

Instagram is not just a platform to share pictures of your friends and family. It has become a place of business where people showcase their products, get leads for their businesses, and build a personal brand.

You can do so much with Instagram! You can make single-feed posts, carousels, reels, IGTV Videos, share stories, and go live. You just need the right tools to help you with your Instagram Strategy.

With the right strategy and foundation, you can get huge exposure for your business.

If you are confused about which tools you need to grow on Instagram, then read this no-nonsense article, which covers all the tools you need to make your Instagram Profile a big HIT!


You need ideas and content to make your Instagram posts, and you need some resources to help you with it if you're a beginner. Pinterest is just the place for it. Just type in your keyword, and you will have a plethora of content ideas in front of you. Now, just because you have the whole content set up in front of you doesn't mean you stole it. That's a big no-no. Take inspiration. See what people are writing most about or what is being shown more. And now create content around it.

Google Keep

Now that you have your content ideas ready, you need a place to write them. I use Google Keep to track all my writing. It has a mobile version and a desktop version, both of which are awesome. You can even make a copy of the same directly in your Google Docs. Use Google Keep to dump all your ideas, write captions, and scripts for your reels or lives, your sales pitch, and more.


Once you have your content written, you need to proofread it. Grammatical errors are a big no. It's not the end of the world if you make a typo, but it's best to avoid it if you don't want grammar Nazis around you. You can use the Grammarly Chrome extension or the Grammarly keyboard app. Grammarly has a premium version as well as a free version. I have been using the free version, and I don't have any complaints so far. Now, remember, just because you are using a tool doesn't mean you depend entirely on it. Use your senses and check everything yourself too.


We now have our content ready, which means we can now start designing! This is the fun part because here you can be as creative as you want or as simple as you want. Canva also has a Free version and a pro version. I am using the free version. If you're just starting, there's no need to go for the pro version. The free version will do just fine. It is the best tool to design your Instagram feed posts, carousels, or reel covers.


You need this to edit your reels. Once you've recorded them from your phone camera (Free again), you need to edit them. You need to add clips together, edit a few seconds, speed up or slow down, do effects, resize it, add a filter, or more. Inshot is just the app for you. It also has a Free and a pro version, but the free version works fine. Inshot also has some free stock music for you if you want to add it to your reels.


You have your posts ready, and now you need Hashtags for your posts. Now, there are various hashtag generators out there that will find the hashtags for you, but I say, Why go out when you have it all in? You don't need a separate tool for that. You can research your Hashtags on Instagram. Just search for your hashtag, and you'll see a bunch of posts pop up. Open those posts, and you can see that they have used hashtags. Take those hashtags, research their type of posts and their size, and you're golden.

Facebook Creator Studio

You have your caption ready, your design ready, and your hashtags ready. Now you need to post it. You can directly post it from the Instagram app, or you can schedule it for a future date from Facebook Creator Studio. It is a free tool provided by Facebook itself! You need to connect your Instagram Page to your Facebook Page. Learn how to do that here. Once you've connected, You can go to the creator studio and schedule your posts.

That's it. That's all the tools you need to grow on Instagram. All free tools, without scratching your brains or going crazy.



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