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5 Powerful Ways To Get More Story Views

Updated: Apr 12

Are you struggling with low story views on your Instagram? Then read on to learn powerful ways to get more story views.

Gone are the days when Instagram stories were used to share salad pictures or outfits of the day. Instagram stories have become a huge part of marketing strategies, and businesses are using them to garner attention for their products and services.

Now that link stickers are being rolled out to everyone, it is only natural that you should have a strategy in place for your Instagram Stories as well.

Here are five powerful ways you can use to get more story views and leverage them for your business.

Be human

You have your feed to talk about business and promote it. Your Instagram Stories are the place to share anything and everything. Don't just talk about your business in your stories. Share a bit about your personal life, behind the scenes of your business, the making, or wrapping of your product, and more. It makes your brand more human and helps people connect better.

Use Instagram Stickers

Have you noticed that whenever you use features like polls, quizzes, or sliders, your views are higher? It's because people like to choose and share their opinions and insights.

Don't just share your posts and stories blindly. See if it warrants an engagement sticker, and use it creatively. 

Post regularly

This goes without saying, but consistency is the key! I know we have all heard it and used it way too many times to even say this, but what's true is true. The more you post, the more you stay consistent, and the more you gain visibility for your brand.

Don't post too many stories at once

Don't share eight stories at once during the day and think you're done. That's not the right way to use a feature for marketing your product. Find your balance between too much and too little. You can go overboard once in a while but don't make this a habit.

Post stories at different times to stay at the start of the story tab

This one is a biggie! Post at different times during the day to stay at the top of the story tab. If you share your first story at 10 a.m., then at 12 p.m., at 3 p.m., you get to be at the start of the story tab three times instead of once. So instead of posting all at once, sprinkle your stories throughout the day.

Did you like these hacks to get your Instagram story views up?

Let me know what you do to increase your story's views in the comments below.



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