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30 Awesome Instagram Post Ideas That Will Get You More Engagement

Updated: 2 days ago

Are you looking for some content ideas for your Instagram? Then read on to learn more.

Instagram is continuously evolving, and it has become a part of every business's marketing strategy. Whether it's a product-based business or a service-based business, everyone is hanging out on Instagram to grow their following and nurture them to turn them into their ideal followers and buyers.

A lot of times, while you are working on your business, you forget to work on it. Instagram is the place where people check out your business, check out your content, and check out the reviews, testimonials, and feedback before emptying their pockets and making an investment. You must use your Instagram marketing strategy effectively and showcase content that people want to see.

Check out this article, where I have mentioned 30 Instagram post ideas that you can use today to market your product or service effectively.

  1. Share a photo of yourself with your goals, and ask people what theirs are!

  2. Share a list of the tools that you use in your daily business.

  3. Share a carousel answering questions in your niche

  4. Share your product or service

  5. Share a tutorial on something you do—carousel or Video!

  6. Share your yearly goals

  7. Give a sneak peak of your upcoming product or service

  8. Share client testimonials, feedback, and reviews 

  9. Share 5 reasons why X doesn't work

  10. Share your biggest bugbears

  11. Share your honest opinion on X

  12. Things to stop doing to achieve X

  13. Share how to get in the right mindset for X

  14. Share ways to improve the productivity of X

  15. Share how to come up with content ideas for X

  16. Compare old to new

  17. Share why you chose your branding

  18. Share how you stay motivated to reach your goals

  19. Share the best advice you’ve ever received

  20. Share how your life or business has changed in the past year 

  21. Thank your followers

  22. Share a guest post

  23. Share about your social media accounts and what people can find on them

  24. Interview a blogger or business owner in your niche

  25. Start a series of topics you can talk about every week

  26. What is your mission statement? Why?

  27. Share an A - Z post about your niche or yourself

  28. Repurpose an old post and give it a makeover

  29. Share tips for your niche

  30. Describe your writing process

Did you like these Instagram post ideas for your business?  Let me know in the comments below.



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