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30 Insanely Good Instagram Story Ideas

Updated: Apr 12

Do you want to show up consistently on your Instagram Stories but don't have any content ideas? Then read on to learn more.

Yes, your valuable content should be on your Instagram feed, but Instagram stories are the place where you get to know and understand your followers and turn them into your clients, your ideal audience, and your customers.

You don't have to think of exceptionally unique ideas for Instagram stories; you can share anything and everything on Instagram stories that might resonate with your ideal audience and your followers.

Instagram stories are the place where you can show the BTS—the behind-the-scenes of your business and how you conduct your day-to-day activities.

Check out these Instagram story ideas that will make your life easier.

  1. Share your Spotify playlist—show people what you’re listening to nowadays

  2. Share a throwback photo of yourself and describe who you were in them vs. who you are now

  3. Why I use this particular ______ (tool/software/programs/apps)

  4. Share the BTS of how you created your product

  5. Share how you found my niche

  6. Share a low point in your business and what you did to overcome it.

  7. Share how your product or service is different from others 

  8. Share how your childhood affected you and your business

  9. Share some things on your gratitude list this week and ask your followers what theirs are

  10. Share and support some local businesses that you like

  11. Ask people to guess your biggest fear or pet peeve

  12. Share where you live and why you love that place

  13. Share or offer a discount on your product or service

  14. Ask people to DM you with questions about a particular topic

  15. Share your feelings about the weather

  16. Promote a social cause you care about

  17. Share any new or upcoming offers

  18. Share a struggle you recently overcame

  19. Share BTS look at how you coach, deliver your packages or complete services 

  20. Share your favourite place to work—your work desk or café

  21. Morning routine on a weekday vs. weekend

  22. Share a small win for that day

  23. Share something you’re looking forward to (the next week, quarter, season)

  24. Share the latest book you’re reading

  25. Share a podcast you listened to recently

  26. Answer FAQs

  27. Do a fun poll and ask your audience’s opinions

  28. Quiz your audience about a particular topic

  29. Share your latest feed post and tell your audience a little more about it

  30. Share client testimonials

Did you like these simple and effective Instagram story ideas? Let me know in the comments below.



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