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15 Reels Ideas To Make You Go Viral On Instagram

Updated: Apr 12

Do you want to go viral on Instagram with the power of reels but don't have any content ideas? Then keep reading to find some.

We all know how Instagram reels have the potential to go viral and make your account reach hundreds of new people and potential clients every day. Reels have become a huge part of every business's Instagram strategy, and it is high time you explore the power of reels.

Check out these 15 Reels Ideas To Make You Go Viral on Instagram and reach new accounts.

  1. Show yourself and how you created your small business

  2. Thank your followers for supporting

  3. Share how much you spend on your business

  4. Share an Instagram hack you use

  5. Share a reel about what you see vs. what I see

  6. Turn carousels into Reels

  7. What People Think vs. Reality

  8. This or that

  9. Show the job process

  10. A quick ‘life-hack tutorial

  11. Time-lapse content creation

  12. Share a transformation (Before and After)

  13. Show behind the scenes.

  14. Share your favourite apps and tools

  15. Tease your upcoming products

Did you like these reel ideas for your Instagram? Let me know in the comments below.



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