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7 Important Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Updated: Apr 12

What common social media mistakes are you making? Read on to find out.

Everyone who has a blog, a business, or a side Hustle knows or should know the power of social media marketing. It can make your business reach new heights. It helps in getting you recognition, website traffic, sales, awareness, and a lot more. But more often than not, we end up making social media mistakes that can cost us.

Don’t worry. You are not the only one to make these social media mistakes. Many out there think it is right to do so. I was one of them. (I am still, but I am trying to improve.)

Let’s debunk these Social Media Mistakes and start afresh.

Not Being Consistent

This is the first one. You cannot afford to make this social media mistake. You have to show up and be consistent. Out of Sight is out of mind. People don’t remember what they had for lunch two days ago. How are they going to recognise you if you don’t show up? Of course, being subtle about it is the key, but you have to make an effort. It is not at all easy, and it takes a lot of time to produce regular content that is unique and creative. But it is not at all impossible to do so. All it takes is effort, which you have to put in if you want to grow your business.

Using Banned Hashtags or Not Using the Right Hashtags

You CANNOT use hashtags like #Tip and #Food. It doesn’t make any sense at all. You have to use hashtags that have meaning and have followers. Hashtags like #SocialMediaTips or #FoodRecipies make sense as they convey what it is for. Invest some time and search for one of the hashtags that you will be using in your post to see what other kinds of posts show up. See if it's the right type of audience you want to target. If yes, go for it, change your strategy, and don’t make this social media mistake.

Posting at Odd Timings

Post at a time when your audience and your followers are active on social media. Most of the time, people use social media in the mornings just after they wake up while travelling to and from work, or during the night. Each social media platform has a different set of audiences and a different time that works. Find out what works for you and when your followers are active.

Falling in the Follow/Unfollow Game

This is the social media mistake that every blogger can admit to having committed. Even I will agree to it. When you are starting, you think the numbers matter. If you have X number of followers, you’ll be happy, or if you have X number of followers, you will achieve this.

But it doesn’t work that way. Following the follow, unfollow method will result in your growth going haywire because you will be busy following and unfollowing and not focusing on the stuff that matters.

Yes, I will not deny that numbers don’t matter. It does. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride and motivates you to keep going. But you also have to attend engagements—more on that in the next point.

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Not engaging with others

How can you expect people to engage with your posts if you don’t do the same with them? You get what you give. Unless you’re a celebrity or an Influencer, you cannot expect people to just magically like, comment on, and share your post. How many times have you wished someone would return a favour after you did something for them? The same concept applies here too.

Do this every day. It will not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

  1. Like posts in your feed, explore sections that you like, or sometimes encourage others.

  2. Comment on something meaningful. Don’t just leave an excellent review and move on. Add value to their post. Share your thoughts and insights.

  3. Share it in your story, tag them, and give them a shout-out. 90% of the time, you will get one in return.

Go ahead and do this and STOP making this social media mistake.

Not sharing posts on stories

Again, the same concept applies here. Why will someone else promote your content if you don’t promote it yourself? You have to be shameless and promote your content again and again. Share it in your stories. A lot of times, people will check their stories and not feed them, and vice versa. Put a friendly emoji or sticker on it. Or write one to two sentences about what the post is about and share it in your stories. Chances are, if it’s eye-catching, they will visit your feed.

Not replying to comments

How would you feel if you tagged someone in a meme and they did not respond? Or if they just liked it and moved on? Not a good feeling, right? Exactly. This is what applies here as well. When someone takes the time to comment on your post, have the courtesy to respond. It can be an emoji, a thank-you, or a thoughtful response. If it’s Instagram and their comment is excellent, pin it.

These are all very small and common social media mistakes we all made and still make, knowingly or unknowingly. They won’t matter in the present, but they will in the long run.

Try to make the effort to not make this mistake and see the changes for yourself.

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