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7 Quick Ways To Stand Out On Instagram

Updated: 2 days ago

Do you stand out on Instagram? Then read on to learn more.

Instagram is constantly changing and evolving its algorithm. It is only essential to stand out from the crowd. Your focus shouldn’t just be on your content strategy because if your profile isn’t optimised and discoverable, it will be very difficult for your content to find its place in the algorithm.

Have a clear profile picture with your brand colours

Your profile picture is more than just a picture. It describes the person behind the brand who will be speaking.

Your profile picture shouldn't be:

  1. A group picture with two people or more

  2. A picture that hides your face

  3. A picture that cuts your head

  4. A blurry picture

  5. A logo, unless you're a big brand or you want to be known by your logo

  6. A sad, frowny face

Your profile picture should be:

  1. A solo picture

  2. A picture that doesn't hide your features

  3. A picture that doesn't cut your head

  4. A clear headshot of your upper body

  5. A picture with a background of your brand colours

  6. A bright, smiling picture

Include what you do in your name

Don't just write your name and walk away. Your name matters. People can search for you with your Instagram name. That's your place to put your SEO Skills into action. Mention what you do besides your name. For eg: Aditi Social Media Manager

My Instagram username has both my name and what I do in it If someone searches for social Media Manager, my profile can pop up in the search results.

Have a bio explaining what it is you do

Your bio is your prime real estate. Use it to your advantage. Your Instagram bio should evoke confidence and authority. Specify clearly who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Use your link in bio to attract traffic to your landing page

Your link in your bio is the only place you have where you can put a link to your landing page. You need to use it wisely. You can use the link to direct visitors to your blog, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn or Pinterest profile, your services page, and so forth. Use the right CTA, or you might end up not gaining anything.

Have specific highlights related to your personal life and business?

Your Instagram Highlights are a part of your Instagram Bio. You cannot ignore it. They are highlights; a highlight is supposed to project something specific. Have no more than 5-7 highlights from your business and personal lives.

For eg:

  1. About Me

  2. Blog

  3. Services

  4. Products

  5. Milestones

  6. Freebies

  7. Reviews/Testimonials

  8. Behind The Scenes (BTS)

  9. Tips/Tools

  10. FAQs

Have some theme for your profile, be it a colour, font or grid

Instagram is and will always be a visual platform. It's not required, but it helps if you have a visually appealing feed. It doesn't mean you have to create out-of-the-box designs. It can be as simple as following a theme, like sticking to 3–4 brand colours, using the same fonts, or a grid pattern.

Using Reel Covers

You show your reels on your feed, so your reels are a part of your aesthetic too. Yes, you can use a shot captured from your reel as your cover photo, but having a custom cover will make it look pretty neat and appealing too. You can easily design those using Canva.

That's it. That's all you have to do to stand out on Instagram.


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