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7 Tips To Keep Your Social Media Up-To-date

Updated: Apr 12

A lot of you already have blogs or businesses or are planning to. While maintaining the website and getting clients is essential, it is also important to keep your social media up-to-date. Imagine that you are a social media marketer and you don’t have an active profile. How is that going to help you get more clients? If it is tough to maintain so many platforms, be active on at least two of them.

Post at the same time on all platforms

Many times, you will notice that people make one kind of post and share the same content on different platforms. It helps maintain consistency and saves you time from creating additional content for each platform. You can do this too by making slight changes with hashtags and emojis and scheduling it everywhere. Make sure you post at the same time, so your followers know when to look forward to your posts. You can use a scheduler, or you can do it manually as well.

For example, You can share the same post from Instagram on Facebook and Tumblr. If you have a blog, you can share your blog directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Keep people who are going to add value

Don’t be behind the follow-for-follow waggon. Keep people in your TG with whom you can provide value and whom you think will gain something from your posts that will be beneficial for them. Don’t just post the content that you believe will be helpful. Find out who is in your niche, what they do, and what works for them. Take that idea. Remember, all the ideas are inspired by someone or something. Take that idea and present it your way.

For example, Everyone knows you should exercise, but no one knows why they should from your angle. Maybe you can provide a different perspective on something. Work on that.

Share, Reshare, Reshare

Our attention span has gone so low that if it’s not interesting, you won’t spend a minute on it. That’s why you have to keep sharing it with people to let them know that you’re out there and that you exist. Plan accordingly, and share your posts with your audience multiple times. Do not forget the power of resharing. But remember: plan it strategically so that your followers are not annoyed by it.

Ask your friends to promote

Who doesn’t like shout-outs? Noone. Many times you make a product or offer a service, and the first thing that comes to mind is to ask your friends to buy it or use it. They might love and support you, but they don’t have any use for it. If that’s the case, tell them to share your posts on their story with their followers. I am sure it will not cost them anything, and they will do it happily. You might not get any customers, but it will help you get traffic and traction. So the next time your friend’s friend wants something that you have, they will reach out to you. And that’s the ultimate goal.

Use Canva for creating Social Media Images

I cannot even begin to explain the use of this tool because there are so many of them! For those who don’t know, it is a template-based Image editing tool for any and every occasion you can think of. Just select your template, and you’re good to go. But the problem is that everyone is using Canva nowadays. What different things can you do? Use another tool, but they aren’t as effective as Canva. So what you can do instead is take some time to scan and select something different and unique, and then go about making your changes.

Use Hashtags for Reach

Hashtags have a considerable role to play when it comes to reaching people. Yes, getting clients and engagement for your business is the ultimate goal, but for that, you need to have visibility. And that is exactly where Hashtags come into the picture. Don’t put random hashtags like #Days or #Dinner. These are very common, and your post has the possibility of getting lost in the sea.

Spend time and research meaningful hashtags that have a following of thousands or tens of thousands. So there might be a possibility of your post being noticed.

Be Shameless

Don’t be afraid, embarrassed, or shy about promoting your thing. It’s what you spent minutes, hours, and days thinking about, making, and planning. Share it with the world. Post on your social media pages, create a story, send it to your friends, post on Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, Pin it on Pinterest boards, and do all that you can think of. Remember, every business needs Marketing, and you can only do that if you are open to talking about your product at any given time.

Don’t be annoying, but be assertive. No one will come and give you clients or leads. No one will come and give you their business. You and only you have to show them that you’re worthy of doing their work.

Let me know what you think of this article!


Keep Your Social Media Up-To-Date

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